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What's Next for the Grads of COVID
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What's Next for the Grads of COVID
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Updated: 09/22/20
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In 2020, the humankind faced a severe crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Among other things, this was a crisis of human confidence in the future. Nobody expected such a big epidemic and the following lockdown. In 2020, it became difficult to make any plans. 
It would seem that the young generation must be more ready for the quickly changing world. To test this claim, I've met with school graduates from all over Ukraine. 
Their last school year finished with the last six months online, without prom, the constant changes in the dates of external examinations, and the inaccessibility of tutors. They entered adulthood quietly and anxiously. Are the Ukrainian youth ready for the unpredictable world they faced in such a hard way? 
In this project, former school students from big cities and small villages share their dreams, plans, and thoughts about the global pandemic, career plans, and the future.

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