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Escaping the Clouds
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Escaping the Clouds
Credits: sergey korovayny
Updated: 05/04/21
Two giant steel plants were built in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol a long time ago - in 1892 and 1930 respectfully. Since that time up until today, people there are trapped and suffer from consequences. Nowadays, factories are still polluting the air, seawater, and the soil around. Such a situation causes multiple health issues. Plants keep influencing the lives of around half a million people living in Mariupol.
According to the official data from Ukrainian governmental bureau of statistics, Mariupol became the city with the highest air pollution index in 2018. The air is polluted with such dangerous substances as industrial dust, nitrogen dioxide, ammonia, formaldehyde, etc. Also, Iliych and Azovstal plants are among the top 10 air pollutants in the state (2nd and 9th places respectively). All of this sounds rather pessimistic, especially concerning Mariupol residents.
However, this situation is not unique. Many places around the globe have similar characteristics. What is special about Mariupol is the active local community fighting for their right to breathe clean air. Since 2012, their active position has led to the significant improvement of the ecological position of corporate entities running these two factories. However, there is still a massive amount of work to be done to make Mariupol a city with not polluted eco-friendly environment. This project investigates the relation between Mariupol people and steel plants and tells the stories of those whose lives are influenced by the heavy industrial presence.

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