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Sandy's Breast Reconstruction
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Location: Sacramento
Nationality: American
Biography: Jim Koenigsaecker dedicated the first 10 years of his adult life to newspaper journalism. He worked his way up from a copy boy to an editor, but, his passion was always photojournalism. During the glory days of newspapers, Jim covered everything... MORE
Public Story
Sandy's Breast Reconstruction
Copyright Jim Koenigsaecker 2022
Date of Work Oct 2019 - Oct 2020
Updated Jan 2021
Location Sacramento
Topics Black and White, Cancer, Documentary, Editorial, Health/Healing, Hope, Journalism, Photography, Photojournalism
Sandy Holden bravely shared her story and these pictures during Breast Cancer Awareness Month because like many women she did not realize that breast reconstruction surgery was covered by insurance after a mastectomy. When Dr. Michael Wong at the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, California asked me to help raise awareness of this option for women I eagerly accepted the pro-bono commission. Sandy and her family then graciously welcomed me into their lives during this obviously sensitive and difficult time. 
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Sandy's Breast Reconstruction by Jim Koenigsaecker
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