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Restoring a Great Bay
Location: New Hampshire
Nationality: American
Biography: I thrive on creating authentic imagery for editorial and commercial clients in unique and challenging locations. Photography from assignments in the sub-zero ravines of New Hampshire's Mount Washington to the bug infested mangrove islands... MORE
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Restoring a Great Bay
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Date of Work Sep 2016 - Ongoing
Updated Jul 2017
Topics Abundance, Action, Animals, Beachs, Community, Conservation, Documentary, Environment, environmental, Photography, Photojournalism, Science, Water, Wildlife
The Great Bay of New Hampshire is between New Hamsphire and Maine, it once had incredible fish and oyster populations. Through development, pollution, disease and over harvesting the oyster population has dimished dramatically.

In an effort to stem the decline of teh population and help move the Grat Bay towards cleaner water and a more robust ecosystem multipule organizations are working together on this restoration project. The Nature Conservancy and The University of New Hampshire, together with other partners, are teaming up to rebuld degraded oyster reef habitat in the Piscataqua Region Estuary of New Hampshire and Maine. Thanks to support from dedicated members like you, the program has successfully restored more than eighteen acres of reef and 3.5M oysters to the system since 2009. Oysters are an ecological linchpin of the estuary, providing essential fish habitat and water quality regulation services. In recent years the team has scaled-up efforts, with as much as five acres and 1 million oysters restored annually.
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Restoring a Great Bay by Joe Klementovich
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