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Climate Change Connection
Location: New Hampshire
Nationality: American
Biography: I thrive on creating authentic imagery for editorial and commercial clients in unique and challenging locations. Photography from assignments in the sub-zero ravines of New Hampshire's Mount Washington to the bug infested mangrove islands... MORE
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Climate Change Connection
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Updated Apr 2020
Topics Activism, Agriculture, Climate Change, Environment
Climate change is touching all of us at a multitude of levels. Extreme weather is impacting food production, infrastructure, fisheries, and recreation. The web of our environment is so complex that we still have yet to understand how one change affects others and at what level. The solutions to cliamte change will be far more complex than building seawalls or cutting carbon dioxide levels. Solutions will come from everywhere and will come from combining efforts of wildly different sectors, previous thought unrelated. Fisherman learning from foresters, scientists learning from ice climbers, opening up these connections and sharing what we know and what we've experienced will create a web of knowledge and ideas that will be on par with the complexity of our problem. 
The selected images are the start of a series of triptychs that connect our life with climate change impacts and work being done to counteract those impacts. I'm attempting to shine a light on the wide spectrum of problems connected to climate change through the variety of ways we are each impacted and then tie those problems to a person out there working to counteract it or better understand it.
As a group this will bring together and start connecting unrelated communities and in turn our voices will grow louder, our science will grow stronger and our ideas will become more creative. These unrelated triptychs will connect at different levels for each of us, some through sport, some through the love of a particular place, others through their daily work, because each of us puts a different priority on every problem. As this jury is well aware the days of raising awareness are passed and the days of motivating and getting to work are upon us. 

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Climate Change Connection by Joe Klementovich
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