• Joe Klementovich

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  • Location: North Conway, NH
    Nationality: American
    Biography: I thrive on creating authentic imagery for editorial and commercial clients in unique and challenging locations. Photography from assignments in the sub-zero ravines of New Hampshire's Mount Washington to the bug infested mangrove islands of... read on


The hand of education coordinator, Will Brousard pressed against the frosted window of the Mount Washington Observatory. Shot while teaching a photography workshop on the frozen summit at sunset. The Mount Washington Observatory hosts edu-trips that bring people to the summit of the Northeast's highest mountain through various activities like mountaineering, photography and meteorology.
Veteran Conservation Corp
A new program in the...
Veteran Conservation Corp A new program in the US Forest Service started with the Department of defense, here in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The program helps transition military personnel into the Forest Service or civilian life through mentoring, training and exposing them to many jobs on the forest.
Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Named for its...
Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Named for its abundance of Cod fish in the 1600's. Now the codfish are all but gone, the fishing fleets diminished and squeezed out by multi-million dollar vacation homes. Fisherman try to survive by harvesting fish further down the food chain. Here a boat load of dogfish are unloaded at Chatham Harbor. The dogfish, a shark species, will soon end up in fish and chips, pet food or processed fish sticks.
Experimenting with mother nature. Here a...
Experimenting with mother nature. Here a researcher is measuring ice accretion on tree branches during an ice storm experiment at Hubbard Brook Research Forest. Hubbard Brook is a part of the US Forest Service and has been working on large scale environmental science for decades.
What happens when adventure sports go bad? Is...
What happens when adventure sports go bad? Is there a backstop, here in New Hampshire there are several volunteer organizations that have the skills, willingness and gear to make a difference.