Khashayar Javanmardi

Documentary Photographer
Gang Styles
Location: Rasht
Nationality: Persian
Biography: Khashayar Javanmardi ( Kjavanmardi ), a self-taught photographer born in 1991. He has graduated in Art and Architecture from Guilan University then has studied photojournalism at Danish Media and Journalism School (DMJX). He has worked... MORE
Public Story
Gang Styles
Copyright Khashayar Javanmardi 2023
Date of Work Jul 2014 - May 2015
Updated Jul 2018
Location Rasht
Topics Abandonment, Community, Education, Freedom, Gangs, Graffiti, Human Rights, Photography, Portraiture, Protests, Racing, School/College, Sports, Still life, Street, Youth

The young generation in Iran has always been influenced by the social movements of the West. This impact on every social level involves different approaches and different levels.

The “Gang Styles" collection began with my first encounter with a group of young people who, at first glance, they were dressed differently from members of community. After I noticed the difference in the coverage of this group of young people, I tried to satisfy my curiosity by introducing myself to asking them to show me a wider dimension of their lives. Two of the members of the group had the same name, “Farshid”. they were both old and they both lowered the high school to a half, so they could follow their dreams more freely. I always was curious about the social spheres of my own generations, this time I tried to show the young people of Iran, or more specifically Gilan, by approaching and understanding this group of young people.

What I learned was unbelievable energy, boundless dreams, and simple life behind a gang or parkour. With the easiest ways, they were energetic, and all they wanted was to consolidate their social presence in the stagnation of the community. Those who are somehow called the remnants of Iran's educational, cultivating and social system are a reality of a closed society, without a clear reflection of the different dimensions of society.

Although their high energy is visible in the corners of the story, the dark spots of economic and livelihood stress are the reality of the lives of these young people, which will not be easily denied.

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Gang Styles by Khashayar Javanmardi
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