Kevin J Mellis

Large Format Visual Artist
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Location: Calgary, Alberta
Nationality: Canadian
Biography: Kevin J Mellis is a Canadian Large Format Photographer and Visual Artist who started creating photographs as an art form after graduating from the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts in March 2012. He initially learned photography using a digital... read on
Getting Connected
kevin j mellis
Jul 21, 2016

Hello everyone. As a Canadian and working in the larger photographic community, I'm a bit isolated ~ geographically speaking. I'm currently located in Calgary, Alberta, so that places me approx. 3 hours north of Sweetgrass, Montana and the Canadian border. In order to symbolically reach out to others', I'm posting my social media pages here with the hope of getting connected. My next adventure, starting around Aug 6th, will take me to the western side of Canada back to my second home on Vancouver Island. I'll be posting on my snapchat, instagram, facebook and twitter. For those who might like to connect, here are my accounts:

Snapchat ~ kevinjmellis

I GREATLY appreciate comments and virtual conversations, so I would encourage everyone (if interested) to post comment. You'll soon see that my current social media community is quite large and is built with people around the world ~ particularly overseas in Europe. 


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