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Photographer/Multimedia Producer
Behind the Mask
Location: Austin, Texas
Nationality: American
Biography: I am a freelance photographer and multimedia producer in Austin, Tx. A regular day could have me shooting pictures, producing a video project, editing multimedia or planning long-term projects. I love good light, clean sound and tight edits.... read on
Behind the Mask
katie hayes luke
May 26, 2017
As part of a class project, the kids in Ms. Freyer's class at Positive Tomorrows in Oklahoma City, Okla. created masks inspired by by the book Wonder, by R.J. Palacio. 

Positive Tomorrows is a private school that serves children experiencing homelessness in Oklahoma City. This is part of a larger project looking at how homelessness effects educational outcomes.

By Katie Hayes Luke —

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Katie Hayes is in Houston on Assignment for NPR. Learn how you can help.

By Katie Hayes Luke — Houston Flood Caused By Harvey Sends Residents Scrambling For Safety Read the full article, here.   Mayor Sylvester Turner has established the..

Matadoras de Torros

By Katie Hayes Luke — A story that I have been working on for 9 years is running today in Texas Monthly . As a freelance photographer who specializes in long-from..

A School That Provides The One Constant In Homeless Children's Lives

By Katie Hayes Luke — This story, currently running on NPR.org , is a short exerpt from a project that I have been working on for over two years. With thousands of more..

A Funeral at Last

By Katie Hayes Luke — I covered the funeral of Capt. Robert Russell Barnett, KIA in Vietnam, for the San Antonio Express-News . Barnett's Air Force plane was shot down..

Bloodless, A long-term project

By Katie Hayes Luke — Each year I make a track to south Texas to continue work on a project about bloodless bullfighting. I love returning to a place that often feels..

Texas: 'The Wild West of Wind'

By Katie Hayes Luke — Who knew that wind energy was a boom industry in west texas? I surely did not before photographing a story for The Guardian . I visited the small..

A Point In Time

By Katie Hayes Luke — I went out again with the Homeless Alliance in Oklahoma City, Okla. this past week for the annual Point-In-Time count of the homeless population...

Phoebe is Powerful

By Katie Hayes Luke — I made this image last week while working on a project about homelessness and education. Phoebe is a new student this year at a school that works..

Early Voting, 2008

By Katie Hayes Luke — I met Sgt. Michael Turk in 2008 while working on my thesis for graduate school in Austin, Texas. At that time, he worked as a recruiter for the Army..

The Issues

By Katie Hayes Luke — I am early voting in Texas today and thinking about the issues that are so important in this election. If you are in the position to vote, please go..

Going Through the Archive

By Katie Hayes Luke — It seems like every few years technology changes or I need a larger external drive for file storage. It is a great opportunity to look at photos..

Photo Project Friday: A New Home

By Katie Hayes Luke — A family from Positive Tomorrows moves into their new home. What I perceived to be as an exciting moment in a child's life, can in fact be a..

Project Friday: A New Home

By Katie Hayes Luke — For the last few months, I have followed Anastasia and her family. While living at the City Rescue Mission with her family, she and her brother went..

Project Friday: Poverty and Education

By Katie Hayes Luke — This image is from an ongoing project I am working on in Oklahoma City looking at the impact of homelessness on education. I am spending time..

A Point in Time, 2016

By Katie Hayes Luke — As part of an ongoing project in the Oklahoma City area dealing with homelessness, I photographed the Point in Time count for the The Homeless..

Researching Microbes at a Body Farm for NPR

By Katie Hayes Luke — I love seeing work that I have shot a second time around. In 2013 I photographed a body farm in Huntsville, Tx for NPR . The researchers wanting to..

Back to the First Day

By Katie Hayes Luke — On the first day of school, Positive Tomorrows, a private school in Oklahoma City for homeless children, makes sure that every kid has a backpack..

Alexis, Positive Tomorrows

By Katie Hayes Luke — For the last few months I have been working on a personal project on Positive Tomorrows, a school for homeless children in Oklahoma City. Last week..

Looking forward to the next school year...

By Katie Hayes Luke — I am finally starting work on a project that I have wanted to do for years, looking at the interplay of poverty and education in the United States...
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