Katherine Cheng

[IEPL] Through the Five Senses
Location: Toronto
Nationality: Canadian
Biography: Katherine is a documentary and conceptual photographer based between Toronto and Hong Kong. Exploring themes of climate crisis, Asian diaspora, and social movements, she believes in the power of visual storytelling to connect one another and drive... MORE
Public Story
[IEPL] Through the Five Senses
Copyright Katherine Cheng 2022
Date of Work Jun 2022 - Dec 2021
Updated Feb 2022
Location Hong Kong
Topics Agriculture, Climate Change, Conceptual, Environment, Fine Art, Forest, Joy, Mixed Medium, Personal Projects, Photography, Portraiture
[Dis/Re]connected: Through the V Senses

In dense urban centres such as Hong Kong, humans can at times feel disconnected from nature, surrounded by concrete blocks and glass buildings.

In reconnecting with nature, this is a personal journey that looks different for everyone.

By isolating our senses and grounding ourselves through nature this way, it is a meditative experience that can be the first step towards rethinking how we connect with nature physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

By using an immersive approach, I hope that the viewer will not only feel a sense of re-connection, but that they’ll also take these practices into their daily lives - and start their own journey.

First published in Hong Kong Free Press: Lens.

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