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At Play - bw
Biography: Katherine Carver was born in the Midwest, where she was first introduced to photography.  She spent every free moment in the darkroom during high school; and she continued taking photography courses during college.  In 2011, she found... MORE
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At Play - bw
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Updated Aug 2016
Topics Dogs, Photography
At Play comprises two series, a black and white series and a color series, which examines dogs, particularly their ability to be completely present in the moment, leaving the viewer with a new way of witnessing dogs in their natural world. For humans, most of the time, we often shift from living in the past or future without regard for the fleeting present moment. I admire dogs' innate capacity to live in the moment, to be vulnerable, and naturally be themselves. Dogs are brutally honest; fiercely loyal; and they do not judge. I believe the world would be a better place if humans shared a similar value system.