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Nationality: American
Biography: | Photojournalist specializing in sports & action photography |  My passion for photography began with a passion for sports. As a graduate and record-holding track athlete for Central Washington University, I spent weekends... read on
November 2018 Recent Work
katharine lotze
Dec 6, 2018
It's been a busy month for me!

November kicked off with the Summit Sports California workshop in Thousand Oaks, where I shot surfing, waterpolo, college football, high school basketball, and learned to create some awesome portraits. I also got to show work to incredible photographers and editors like Deanne Fitzmaurice, Dave Black, Joey Terrill, and more. Deanne was kind enough to re-edit my portfolio, which is what you now see under "sports" on my website. Proud to have four images from the workshop in my portfolio now! Also proud to have my surfing image as the face of next year's workshop.

Then I got to photograph the USC v. UCLA football game on Nov. 17 at the Rose Bowl for Getty Images, alongside longtime staffer Harry How. I was reminded of just how hard it is to move around on a crowded sideline with a 400 f/2.8, and just how crowded college games are, especially when both teams are technically home teams. I also got to experience some first-rate sexism in the media room from another freelance male photographer! Classic! If we don't talk about it, it will keep happening. So, consider just not saying anything before you ask me to "be a good girl, and bring some beers out" when I come back out to the field. If you weren't going to say it to Harry, you shouldn't say it to me.

The very next day, Nov. 18, I got to photograph the Denver Broncos v. the LA Chargers in a special opportunity, shooting under a team vest for Denver. Incredible! Thank you to Gabriel Christus with the Broncos for the opportunity. I met Gabriel at the Image, Deconstructed workshop in Denver back in April. Photos are not for publication or resale. 
Here's a photo of me Gabe took between plays:

December brings with it lots of hockey and UCLA basketball -- indoor sports, here we come!
     Denver Broncos v. LA Chargers by Katharine Lotze via Visura
         A special opportunity to photograph the Denver Broncos v. the LA Chargers at StubHub Center through Broncos team photographer Gabriel Christus. Photos are not for publication, resale, or other use. 

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