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Karen Toro

Freelance photographer @ Women Photograph / Diversify Photo / Based in Quito, Ecuador

Quito, 1990. My work in the artistic and photographic field is related to issues of human rights, migration, education and gender. My labour is based on the belief in the social importance of photography as a way to relate, make... read on
Focus: Photographer, Photojournalist, Researcher, Documentary, Author, Arts & Culture, Freelance, Humanitarian, Assignments, Educator, Professor, Explorer, Human Rights, Investigation, Artist, Education
Skills: Research, Copy Editing, Image Archiving, Digital Printing, Photo Assisting, Historical Processing, Color Correction, Photo Editing, Black & White Printing, Color Printing, Print Making, Curating, Exhibition Design, Photojournalism, Retouching, Film Processing, Film Photography
      | www.karentoro.com/
Clients: Amnesty International Human Rights Watch Reuters