Nastassia Kantorowicz Torres

Latin American Fotografía 7 Winners and Archive
Location: Paris, France
Nationality: Colombia/ USA
Biography: Nastassia Kantorowicz Torres is a Colombian freelance photographer whose work is centered around advancing human rights through visual communication. Her focus is on migration, protests, access to safe water and sanitation and other social and... read on
Latin American Fotografía 7 Winners and Archive
nastassia kantorowicz torres
Aug 12, 2018
I am grateful to announce an image of my on-going project "Point d'eau" (French for no water or water point) was selected as a winner of the  AI-AP Latin American Fotografía 7 and will be included in this year's book.
This canal, its shoreline littered with discarded belongings and hygiene products, is representative of the limited access to water faced by migrants living in Calais, France.
The recognition provides an opportunity to continue creating awareness on the political crisis on migration in France.

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