Juan Carlos

Photographer & Producer, occasional DP
Location: San Salvador, El Salvador
Nationality: USA/El Salvador
Biography: I am storyteller specializing in documenting social issues and humanitarian crisis in conflict-affected societies as well as covering current world events while also pursuing personal documentary projects. Personal projects are part of being a... read on
Public Story
Credits: juan carlos
Date of Work: 06/21/18 - Ongoing
Updated: 04/30/19
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On April 19 2019 Nicaraguans took the streets to show their discontent with the government and president Daniel Ortega. Since then the repression against those who do not agree with the Ortega regime  have been persecuted and many lives have been lost during the conflict. The Nicaraguan youth have been at the forefront of the fight for justice and to defend their country against this 21st century dictatorship. The country’s democracy is at risk and the ongoing political turmoil has also affected Nicaraguans economy making it hard to get by. Thousand of anti-Ortega supporters have had to flee the country in order to avid being arrested and torture. Those who have stayed risk dying everything they exercise their right to protest. Yet the Nicaraguan peoples have been strong and resistant coming out to the street to stand to the Ortega dictatorship and demanding the ousting of president Daniel Ortega as well as vice-president and First Lady Rosario Murillo.