Juan Carlos

Photographer & Producer, occasional DP
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Location: San Salvador, El Salvador
Nationality: USA/El Salvador
Biography: I am storyteller specializing in documenting social issues and humanitarian crisis in conflict-affected societies as well as covering current world events while also pursuing personal documentary projects. Personal projects are part of being a... read on
Private Project
Future Fighters
Credits: juan carlos .
Date of Work: 11/01/16 - 11/21/16
Updated: 09/19/17
Location: Al-Qayyarah, Iraq

The town of Al-Qayyarah was invaded by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) in June 2014, this area is rich in oil, having more than 60 wells. Approximately 20,000 residents with a predominantly Sunni population  and lived under the ISIS’s rule for more than two years two years. Six months after the first phase of the Operation Conquest or Operation Fatah was launched the city was liberated by the Iraqi troops supported by U.S.-led coalition but as Daesh, as is known in the Arab world, fighters retreated they blew up more than a dozen oil wells some in the middle of a residential areas causing a major environmental and health disaster. Inside of the this residential area where one of the oil well kept burning months after there was a group of kids playing with petrol residue  all over their body and clothes, the were pretending to be Iraqi soldiers fighting against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. 


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