Juan Carlos

Location: San Salvador, El Salvador
Nationality: USA/El Salvador
Biography: I am a freelance photographer, born in El Salvador, Central America but immigrated to the United States during the mid-1980's. I have developed a vocation as a photojournalist and over the course of my career I have documented human rights... read on
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Latin American Fotografía 8 Winners
juan carlos
Sep 25, 2019
Honored to be part of the Latin American Fotografía 8 LOS DIEZ Winners Collection with an image of my coverage of the Central American migrant caravan.
 You can view the full slideshow with all the winning images. Great to share this space which a bunch of talented photographers.

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American Illustration-American Photography (AI-AP) produce leading juried annuals in North America. Recently, they announced its 8th annual competition to honor the best work being created today in or about Latin America. AI-AP, well-known for 38 years as a respected resource for art directors, designers, photo editors, art buyers, and publishers, presents established, emerging and student Latino illustrators and photographers to the North American market - and vice versa - in a global, multi-cultural exchange of art and ideas. Latin American Fotografía and Ilustración 8 (LAF/LAI7) was judged by an international jury of top creatives who commission illustration and photography for use in magazines, advertising, books, posters, packaging, promotion, and video. Unpublished, fine art and student work is also eligible.

     AI-AP Slideshow

By Juan Carlos —


Siena International Photo Awards (SIPA) 2019

By Juan Carlos — DOCUMENTARY & PHOTOJOURNALISM Honorable Mention  Author : Juan Carlos . (US) Location : Veracuz (Mexico) Description : Central American..

Honorable Mention - International Photography Awards

By Juan Carlos — Honorable Mention International Photography Awards (IPA) Editorial / Press, Contemporary Issues With my work on the Central American migrant..

Living without water: the crisis pushing people out of El Salvador

By Juan Carlos — My latest collaboration with The Guradian on such an important and troubling issue. El Salvador will run out of water within 80 years unless radical..

CHOSEN - American Photography 35

By Juan Carlos — Happy to have an image from the Salvadoran (or 3rd Central American) Migrant Caravan to be part of the CHOSEN of the  American Photography 35..

Highways of Death and Hope: The Migrant Caravans

By Juan Carlos —   My latest collaboration with ABC Australia as a field producer.       Highways of Death and Hope: The Migrant Caravans |..

Caravan to the Unknown

By Juan Carlos — Chosen photographs from (this sad event) the migrant/refugee caravan of Central Americans A young girl sits on her father’s shoulders, crying,..

Why Are People Fleeing Central America? A New Breed of Gangs Is Taking Over.

By Juan Carlos — My latest contribution with The Wall Street Journal..

Latin American Fotografía 7 Winners & Collection

By Juan Carlos — Pleased to be a winner and part of the  Latin American Fotografía  7 collection with an image from the  #UndemocraticState..

Nicaraguan Lost To Politica Violence

By Juan Carlos — In Nicaragua, families mourn students lost to government violence Two people were killed on July 14 when paramilitaries loyal to the government..

Asylum: Beyond The Border Crisis

By Juan Carlos — My latest work as a producer for NewsyDocs You can watch the documentary here YouTube YouTube

on WSJ: Church Becomes Target in Nicaragua Crisis

By Juan Carlos — Priests ‘fear for their lives’ as violence spreads to institution that sought to broker peace MONIMBÓ, Nicaragua—The Rev...

‘Pack Up and Get Out’: Nicaraguan Unrest Shakes U.S. Expat Community

By Juan Carlos — GRANADA, Nicaragua—After decades teaching social studies at a California high school,      Noel Correa      ..

Barricades and Empty Streets: Nicaragua’s Leader Loses Control

By Juan Carlos — Second story from Nicaragua for the The Wall Street Journal   on the Nicaraguan people’s struggle MASAYA, Nicaragua—The streets of..

for The Wall Street Journal

By Juan Carlos — My latest work from #Nicaragua for The Wall Street Journal text by Juan Montes. recitente trabajo de Nicaragua para el WSJ con texto de Juan..

For Many Kids In Honduras, The Options Are: Flee, Join A Gang, Or Train With The Military

By Juan Carlos . — My latest collaboration with BuzzFeed News on the ongoing political situation in Honduras. Dozens of young recruits stood in line, timing their..

Coffee Waste Is Now Fetching a 480% Premium Over Coffee Itself

By Juan Carlos . — My latest assignment for Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine! Aida Batlle grows coffee on her family’s farm in the hills surrounding El..

Salvadorans Brace For Their Worst Nightmare

By Juan Carlos . — My latest c0-production for CNN Patrick Oppmann talks to Salvadoran deportees and government officials bracing for the day when the Trump..

The Deported: Surviving El Salvador

By Juan Carlos . — My latest production for Sky News, and also did stills. After President Trump's vow to crack down on gang violence, thousands are being deported...

Honorable Mention - International Color Awards 2018

By Juan Carlos . — 11th Edition of the International Color Awards PHOTOJOURNALISM WINNERS - Professional Honorable Mention  Al-Qayyarah's Dark Clouds JUAN CARLOS . -..

The Teenager Serving 30 years for Having a 'Miscarriage'

By Juan Carlos . — My latest production for the BBC YouTube BBCStories - The controversial case of Evelyn Hernandez, a Salvadoran teenager raped by a gang member..

Mayans, yes Mayans, love basketball

By Juan Carlos . — Photos by Juan Carlos for ESPN Some 50 years ago, an area was cleared, hoops were erected and the town of San Pedro La Laguna, nestled at the foot..

Wishing the VISURA community a GREAT New Year!

By Juan Carlos . — Wishing you and your loved ones a very FRUITFUL & JOYFUL 2018!!!  ¡Deseándte y a tus seres queridos FRUCTIFERO y ALEGRE..

A Beacon, Thanks to the Internet

By Juan Carlos . — Some of us were forced into journalism − we had little choice. In 1998, El Salvador was emerging from a long civil war and we were feeling our..

The Secretive Tribunal that Corporations Use Against Governments

By Juan Carlos . — International corporations have been able to avoid punishment for toxic pollution and worse by appealing to a secretive and little-known..
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