Juan Carlos

Location: San Salvador, El Salvador
Nationality: USA/El Salvador
Biography: I am a freelance photographer, born in El Salvador, Central America but immigrated to the United States during the mid-1980's. I have developed a vocation as a photojournalist and over the course of my career I have documented human rights... read on
Latin American Fotografía 7 Winners & Collection
juan carlos
Aug 11, 2018
Pleased to be a winner and part of the Latin American Fotografía 7 collection with an image from the #UndemocraticState project about the ongoing political unrest in #Honduras.

Encantado de ser un ganador y seleccionado para ser parte de la colección #LatinAmericaFotografia 7 con el trabajo sobre la situacion politica en Honduras.

You can view the full slideshow here

     AI-AP Slideshow

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