Joan Sullivan

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Location: Quebec, Canada
Nationality: Canadian
Biography: Nothing is more urgent than shifting the global climate change conversation from despair to optimism, from apathy to action. Since 2009, I have focused my cameras (and more recently my drones) exclusively on the energy transition, creating... MORE
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Date of Work Jul 2016 - Jul 2016
Updated May 2019
Topics Climate Change, Energy, Environment, Photography, Photojournalism
In 2016, I was invited to Germany by Clean Energy Wire for a media study tour to learn more about Germany's energy transition, Energiewende. This study tour focused on the German cities of Saerbeck, Ibbenbueren, Duisberg and Duesseldorf. While three open-pit soft coal (lignite) mines continue to operate in Germany today, all hard coal mining ended in 2018 (but hard coal imports to Germany continue). Here is a tight selection of 17 images of open-pit coal mines and steel factories from that trip.
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Joan Sullivan

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