Jose M. Ramirez

Location: Weston
Nationality: Venezuelan
Biography: Born in Caracas, Venezuela. Artist, teacher, researcher and consultant. His work has been shown in multiple collective exhibitions: among them the Art Hall of Aragua, the Arturo Michelena Room, the Velada Santa Lucía. He has exhibited... read on
Public Story
Credits: jose m. ramirez
Updated: 06/17/20
[This sketch is part of the "Sketchbook Project" of the Brooklyn Art Library. Volume 16, # S8593113]

The state of introspection is sometimes perceived as a closure, an isolation from the world, an escape. The reality is that it is a dialogue with ourselves, within a world much greater than that which exists outside, and far from an escape is a return, voluntary or imposed, to the universe to which we truly belong.
XXI is a series in which I explore those moments of return through five contemporary women, who underwent the exercise of being lost in their privacy in front of the camera.

The exploration of this universe through the feminine has been a constant in my work and perhaps the initial inspiration was given to me by Edward Hopper, whose work studies those states of introspection, reverie, disconnection from the material world, especially with female characters. Particularly eloquent for me is his 1952 Morning Sun, in which his wife Josephine serves as a model.

This series is resonance of XVI, a 2013 work in which contemporary women assumed the inheritance of notable women of the 16th century, in order to vindicate their femininity and record that mysterious heritage connects them with the original feminine creative sense.

Assuming Hopper's theme and procedure, I present these contemporary women who take refuge in a few square meters to, from there, open the doors to an immense universe of which we only have assumptions and the uncertain guidance of the texts they write as a resonance of experience. to which we were given access.

José M. Ramírez. Florida, USA.
[Este boceto forma parte del "Sketchbook Project" de la Biblioteca de Arte de Brooklyn. Volumen 16, #S8593113]

El estado de introspección es percibido en ocasiones como una clausura, un aislamiento del mundo, un escape. La realidad es que es un diálogo con nosotros mismos, dentro de un mundo mucho mayor que el que existe afuera, y lejos de un escape es un retorno, voluntario o impuesto, al universo al que verdaderamente pertenecemos.
XXI es una serie en la que exploro esos momentos de retorno a través de cinco mujeres contemporáneas, que se sometieron al ejercicio de perderse en su intimidad frente a la cámara.

La exploración de este universo a través de lo femenino ha sido una constante en mi trabajo y acaso la inspiración inicial me la dio Edward Hopper, cuya obra estudia esos estados de introspección, ensoñación, desconexión del mundo material, sobre todo, con personajes femeninos. Es particularmente elocuente para mí su obra Morning Sun de 1952, en la que su esposa Josephine sirve de modelo.

Esta serie es resonancia de XVI, un trabajo de 2013 en el que mujeres contemporáneas asumían la herencia de mujeres notables del siglo XVI, con el fin de reivindicar su feminidad y dar constancia de esa herencia misteriosa las conecta con el sentido creador originario femenino.

Asumiendo el tema y el procedimiento de Hopper presento estas mujeres contemporáneas que se refugian en pocos metros cuadrados para, desde allí, abrir las puertas a un universo inmenso del que sólo tenemos suposiciones y la guía incierta de los textos que escriben como resonancia de la experiencia a la que nos dieron acceso.

José M. Ramírez. Florida, USA.


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