Julia Pontés

Photographer | Artist
Location: Sí£o Paulo, Brazil
Nationality: Brazil
Biography: Jíºlia Pontés (b.1983 - Minas Gerais, Brazil) - Based in Sí£o Paulo, New York, Buenos Aires and Mumbai. Her interests are influenced by psychology, social issues and public policy, in which she holds a Master’s Degree. She worked as an iron ore... read on
Honored to have my work featured in an article at Jornal O Tempo
júlia pontés
May 23, 2019
Location: Belo Horizonte
Honored to have my work featured in an article about Tiradentes Photography Festival.
The work is referenced as the only solo exhibition in the Festival.

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Comentarios de uma brasileira argentina

By Júlia Pontés — Las Malvinas son Argentinas! . . Há muitos anos um jovem brasileiro recém mudado à..

Fotografias por Minas | COVID19 Relief

By Júlia Pontés — For the past 2 months I have been working with other photographers organizing and putting together this..
News Spotlight

Resources and tips for Isolation

By Júlia Pontés — Hello there! I have prepared a Google Doc with several resources I have been compiling: -Films -Books..

Tips to Focus from an ADHD Photographer and Academic

By Júlia Pontés — Although I was only diagnosed with ADHD later in life, at the age of 29, I have dealt with its consequences..
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My work featured in Rede Minas News

By Júlia Pontés / Minas Gerais — Super honored to have had my work featured in the closing of the 7pm News Show at Rede Minas!
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I was part of the 1st Colloquium on "Mining in the State of Minas Gerais and its controlling institutions" by the State Tax Controlling Agency

By Júlia Pontés / Belo Horizonte — I was invited for the first Colloquium on "Mining in the State of Minas Gerais and its controlling..
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I have had the honor to talk about my work to Art Teachers of Public Schools in Recife

By Júlia Pontés / Recife — I have had the honor to present my work to Art Teachers of Public Schools in Recife, at Fundaj. It was part..
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I am part of a interesting panel on The Social and Environmental Impact of Large Scale Industrial Infrastructures at Recife Law School

By Júlia Pontés / Faculdade Direito Recife — It was with great pleasure to be talking at a panel about  the social and snvironmental impact of large..
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Collaboration with my father in the fight against unfair mining practices

By Júlia Pontés / Belo Horizonte — Since 2017 I have been collaborating with my father, Túlio Mourão,  and the singer..

Minas Exhibition

By Júlia Pontés / Recife — I have the honor to be part of the exhibition Minas at Fundação Joaquim Nabuco, Fundaj, in..
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Radio Interview to Brasil de Fato in Pernambuco, Brazil

By Júlia Pontés / Recife — I had a great opportunity to talk about mining impacts in Brazil and the nuclear power plant and Uranium..
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Honored to be presenting my work and talking about mining along with Brazil's National Public Defendant, Chico Nóbrega at Fundaj

By Júlia Pontés — As part of the exhibition "Minas", I was honored to be invited to talk about mining regulations..
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Artist Talk at Tiradentes | Foto em Pauta Festival

By Júlia Pontés / Tiradentes — I have had the to give a talk inside a 18th century chapel where my exhibition was taking place.  ..
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Honored to have my first NYC solo exhibition presented by Visura

By Júlia Pontés / New — Visura presents Júlia Pontés long term project Our Land My Landscape Paisagens..

Solo Exhibition | Tiradentes Foto Festival

By Júlia Pontés / Tiradentes — Honored to have a solo exhibition at an 18th century chapel in the historical town of Tiradentes. The town..

Revista Zum | Zum Magazine - Moacir dos Anjos

By Júlia Pontés / Sao Paulo — I have the honor to have my work used as reference in Moacir dos Anjos's article about the social and..

on Bloomberg Businessweek: Deadly Dam Collapse Could Force the Mining Industry to Change

By Júlia Pontés — Thank you Bloomberg Businessweek for spreading the word on the risks involving tailing dam's in Brazil,..
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Honored to be recognized by Harvard University's Planetary Health Alliance

By Júlia Pontés — Imensamente agradecida visura.co e à sua fundadora INCRÍVEL, Adriana Teresa, ao Planetary..
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