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My Americana
Location: Tucson, Arizona, USA
Nationality: USA
Biography: Joe Patronite has won awards in every genre of photography over the course of his 30-year career. Patronite has traveled the world on assignments for magazine, advertising and sports entities. His work has been exhibited in North America and... read on
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My Americana
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Updated 09/19/21

“My Americana,” a long-term photography essay, is loosely based on the famous Robert Frank masterpiece “The Americans” which was photographed the decade I was born. This  personal essay documents places, people, events and gatherings which occur daily in the United States of America.

The genesis for this project came as I crossed our land over the course of the last three decades on assignments for newspapers, magazines and advertising clients, I was drawn to the simple daily happenings and oddities observed on the streets. Early on, part of the reason was the continuous need to fill news space in the papers, but also as a journalist to provide readers with “slices of life” happenings. This formative period taught me to always have a camera ready to capture a moment!

As I’ve matured and re-devoted my career energies to “documentary” photography a new found interest in recording ordinary life has evolved. I see people continuing traditions,secular and non- secular, historical and whimsical. Take for example the eccentricities within this compilation, youngsters choosing to use binoculars to look at other things, instead of Mount Rushmore. A ballerina in full stretch against a shop window in downtown Chicago or the bizarre world and entertainers in Las Vegas.

Backroads provide a wealth of stimulating environments to record my vision. The 15' (5 meters) Statue of Liberty, standing alone in a manicured field close to the state borders of Kentucky and Tennessee. And the completely absurd situation of a truck on blocks, a church and casino all is the same parking lot not a stone throw from the Little Big Horn National Park. Of course, I can not overlook what is happening in today in the country, so an Impeachment Rally in Los Angeles.

This project is in its sixth year, I’ve driven over 42,000 miles, flown roughly 50,000 miles and produced approximately 200,000 images. Like the great essay Frank created, I strive to show a contemporary view of the people which make this country. Small town football; homecoming in the Texas panhandle; Fourth of July in Montana; a Sunday service at the Dexter Avenue King First Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama, which was ground zero for the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s and where Dr. Martin Luther King served as Pastor (1963-1967).

What defines this country? It is a question I often ask myself. Freedom, patriotism, the rights granted for expression in speech, choice of religious practice and opportunity for other nationals to become United States citizens (naturalization image) all seem to have naturally become undercurrents in my essays. The divide politically and the repercussions of decisions of those in power in Washington are also addressed.

In 2020-2021, political divide, the Covid-19 pandemic and other national issues came to the forefront, and had to be included.

The photo essay has always been part of my creative endeavor. Many of the individual images within are from larger collections and essays. Ranching, farming, logging as well as rodeo, pow-wow or National Parks have imagery which make them self-standing. The selected images here though contribute to a more expansive view. Images are added at on-going intervals or when created.

Other contemporary issues to document the diversity of our people natives and immigrants with varied beliefs, but all striving to call the USA their Americana.

joe patronite
Summer 2021
Tucson, Arizona, USA


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