Jonathan De Camps

RaRa of Freedom (Haitian TPS protest)
Location: Miami, FL
Nationality: Dominican/PuertoRican
Biography: Jonathan De Camps is a freelance photographer and filmmaker based in Miami, Florida. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico to Dominican parents in November 1983, and raised in the Dominican Republic since a very young age. Jonathan's... read on
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RaRa of Freedom (Haitian TPS protest)
Credits: jonathan de camps
Date of Work: 05/06/17 - Ongoing
Updated: 05/19/17
Location: Miami Fl

Activists and Haitian Immigrants marched the streets urging the department of Homeland Security to renew the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) outside the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services of Miami-Dade county.

TPS visas will expire on July 22, 2017 and we are urging the current administration to take action to renew the visas of 50,000 refugees victims of the 2010 earthquake catastrophe.

"If Donald Trump does not extend TPS for Haitians by May 23rd, then 50,000 of us face an impossible choice--return to a country still recovering from national disaster or lose our jobs and be forced to live in the shadows as undocumented immigrants." says Gerdine Vessagne, a housekeeper at the Fontainebleau Resort on Miami Beach. "for 8 years, TPS has allowed me to provide for my five children, including two back home, and three born here. But this isn't just about me."

Haitians nationals working in the U.S. have this protected status, they are part of the engine of Florida's hospitality industry, much of which greatly depends on their labor.


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