Jonathan De Camps

Location: Miami, FL
Nationality: Dominican/PuertoRican
Biography: Jonathan De Camps is a freelance photographer and filmmaker based in Miami, Florida. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico to Dominican parents in November 1983, and raised in the Dominican Republic since a very young age. Jonathan's... read on
Public Story
Credits: jonathan de camps
Date of Work: 09/30/17 - 09/30/17
Updated: 11/28/17
Location: Miami, FL
On September 30, 2017 Black women in all their diversity marched from South Florida's Women's Detention Center to denounce the propagation of state-violence and the widespread incarceration of Black women and girls, rape and all sexualized violence, the murders and brutalization of transwomen and the disappearances of black girls from the streets, schools and their homes.

Even social justice movements marginalized the voices of Black women in order to center the dominant group- the Civil Rights Movement centered the experience of Black men and the Women’s Rights Movement centered the experience of middle-class white women.

22 years after the Million Man March and on the 20th anniversary of the Million Women March, the Florida March for Black Women centered the stories, struggles, and resilience of Black women, while connecting our common issues and showcasing the collective South Florida power.

This project photo essay project, seeks to center the experiences of Trans Black women, Black women struggling to pay rent, Black girls who are “pretty for a dark-skinned girl,” Black women who are under appreciated and underpaid, undocumented immigrant Black women living in fear of deportation, Black women with children in failing schools, Black women unable to bear children, Black women with visible and invisible disabilities, Black women survivors of violence, Black women who do not have time to cry, Black women who make a way out of no way…all Black women.


By Jonathan De Camps —

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