Joseph Kominkiewicz

Protest against Police in Durham, NC Schools
Location: Chapel Hill
Nationality: USA
Biography: I'm interested in expressions of individuality and showing them in the context of a broader cultural, political and intellectual history. Growing up in Indiana, I first encountered photography as a child when my mother gave me her very own... MORE
Public Story
Protest against Police in Durham, NC Schools
Copyright Joseph Kominkiewicz 2022
Updated Jan 2021
Topics Arrests and Prosecutions, Civil Rights, Crime, Documentary, Education, Human Rights, Incarceration, Peace, Photography, Photojournalism, Racism, School/College, Teens, Youth
A series of images of a June 13th, 2020 march and protest in Durham organized by recent high-school graduates. The recent graduates testified to the issues surrounding the use of "school resource officers" – active-duty police in public schools. After a short march, the former students gave a series of informal lectures, describing how the officers were often a disruptive and violent force in their lives. The common thread througout the students' stories is how the officers' status as police officers often elevated simple school-disciplinary issues to formal legal matters, which contributes to the creation of a school-to-prison pipleline for socially and economically vulnerable students.
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