Juan Manuel Barrero Bueno

Visual storyteller
"Pacifico Sur" Documentary in The Americas Film Festival of New York
Location: Colombia
Nationality: Colombian
Biography: www.jmbb.net He graduated in Film and Photography technologist UNITEC, Bogotá. He has worked in video, product photography, travel photography, and photojournalism throughout Colombia with Press Agency, COLPRENSA. It has developed projects... read on

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Comisión de la Verdad

By Juan Manuel Barrero Bueno — Since March with "La Comisión de la Verdad" in Colombia. Documentary Filmmaker and..

Diversify Photo

By Juan Manuel Barrero Bueno — From today I am part of Diversify Photo. An opportunity to continue growing and learning. Grateful with life.

Los aguacates de AngloGold dividen a Cajamarca

By Juan Manuel Barrero Bueno — Video Documentary and Photography for "La Liga Contra el Silencio" in Colombia. Los aguacates de..
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