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   Butte County: Camp Fire +100 Days by J. Matt 
Butte County: Camp Fire +100 Days
Location: Honolulu
Nationality: USA
Biography: J. Matt is a documentary photographer and feature-writer in Honolulu whose stories (mostly) focus on global warming and its intersections with place and social, political, and economic histories. These stories include deeply-researched/reported... MORE
Public Story
Butte County: Camp Fire +100 Days
Copyright J. Matt 2023
Date of Work Dec 1969 - Dec 1969
Updated Mar 2023
Topics California, Camp fire, Global warming, Paradise, Wildfire
An investigation of the broad, long-term consequences of Butte County's Camp Fire, still at issue one hundred days after the fire's ignition—even as the devastating fire had fallen off the national public's radar.

Published in Popula (https://popula.com/2019/05/19/survival-in-paradise/) in May of 2019. This is the full, unedited project.
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Butte County: Camp Fire +100 Days by J. Matt
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