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Do You Want to Go to Hawai‘i? Honolulu? Waikīkī? Do You Want to Go With Me?!
Includes 28 images
Credit: J. Matt via Visura
Asset ID: VA92923
Caption: Available
Copyright: © J. Matt, 2023
Location: Hawaiian Islands

J. Matt

@ ZUMA Press, Inc. Based in Honolulu

J. Matt is a documentary photographer and feature-writer from, and based in, Honolulu whose work principally focuses on global warming and its intersections with place, ecology, and social, political, and economic histories. Represented...
Also by J. Matt —
The word "Aloha," dedicated four column inches in LORIN ANDREWS' foundational 1865 'Dictionary of the Hawaiian Language,’ and meaning; "to love, to regard with affection," and also expressing feelings of "love, affection, gratitude, kindness, pity, compassion, grief," as well as being "the modern common salutation at greeting and departing," is displayed at the Royal Hawaiian Center in Waikiki. HONOLULU, HAWAII 08/13/22
Derelict hotel buildings in Hilo are emblematic of the boom and bust cycle of tourism in Hawaii made evident by to the Coronavirus pandemic. Today the state is struggling to redefine tourism as something other than the historically exploitive, extractive enterprise that has residents fuming about tourist hordes and the influx of tourists into residential districts created by the popularity of services like AirB&B. HILO, HAWAII 06/16/22
A rainbow forms over Nanakuli Valley on Oahu. Research published at the end of 2022 by University of Hawaii scientists indicates that globally, incidents of rainbow formation are likely to increase, especially in northern latitudes and at very high elevations previously accustomed to snowfall. Hawaii, dubbed "the rainbow capital of the world,” is likely to see a few more rainbow days by 2100 even as those days will follow a change of historical rainfall patterns which will reflect longer, drier summers and a significant decline of rainfall over the last thirty years as rains become increasingly concentrated in individual storm systems—much of that rainwater lost to runoff rather than captured in the state's aquifers. PALEHUA, HAWAII 10/29/22
A fence divides a conservation area from private property at Kahuku Point, Oahu. Active conservation districts throughout Hawaii are increasingly impacted by untended private property acting as reservoirs of non-native and invasive species threatening efforts to return land to conditions of endemic and native vegetation and in some cases endangering watersheds by harboring destructive invasives such as miconia calvescens. Known variously as the "green cancer of the Pacific" Devil's_Scourge" and the "Purple plague" for its ability to overwhelm locations where it becomes established creating miconia monocultures which promote erosion and threaten watersheds. KAHUKU, HAWAII 05/30/22
Hikers pass the ruins of a fortified observation post dating to World War II used to triangulate coordinates for artillery firing and scan for Japanese naval action off the west coast of Oahu. NANAKULI, HAWAII 10/29/22
A modernist public bath at Wailupe Beach Park. Post-War Honolulu was an important draw for modernist architects, VLADIMIR OSSIPOFF most well-known among them for creating and embodying the style that became known as "Hawaiian Modern" or "tropical Modern." Predicated on building without air-conditioning and embracing building siting to take advantage of mild temperatures and near-constant trade winds, the style is represented in even lowly municipal facilities buildings. HONOLULU, HAWAII 12/31/22
Tourists relax at Queen's Beach. HONOLULU, HAWAII 09/25/18
A visitor makes a photograph at Kuhio Beach. HONOLULU, HAWAII 11/27/22
Raising the lei. Ahahui Kalamula members raising lei to the outstretched arm of the statue of KING KAMEHAMEHA I in front of Aliiolani Hale on the 150th anniversary of Kamehameha Day. Under the watchful eye of their kumu (teacher, advisor). Ahahui Kalamula has been draping lei in Kamehameha Day ceremonies for 100 years. HONOLULU, HAWAII 06/10/22
Visitors appreciate the splendor of the Koolau Mountains at the Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden. Founded in 1982 and constructed by the Army Corps of Engineers as flood control infrastructure the gardens span more than 400 acres on Oahu's windward side. KANEOHE, HAWAII 12/27/22
A hiker walks a ridge trail in the Koolau Mountains of Oahu. Polynesian mountain systems are typified by their narrow, long ridge spines. Although beautiful they are often dangerous to pass and even the most experienced and capable hikers have fallen to their deaths or needed rescue walking Hawaii's ridge trails. OAHU, HAWAII 07/23/22
Baing tree in the Lyon Arboretum. Also known as sompong or sawbya these spectacular trees are traditionally used to manufacture dugout canoes in New Guinea and grow over and through the temples of Angor Wat in Cambodia. HONOLULU, HAWAII 06/08/21
The entry to HIGGINS’ estate in the revived television production of Magnum, P.I. filmed in Hawaii. A reboot of the popular 1980s crime drama its first season began in 2018 and it continues into its 2023 season. This wall, like much in Hollywood, is a set—in this case built of styrofoam and located at an undisclosed location. OAHU, HAWAII 12/27/22
QUEEN KAPIOLANI (1834–1899) as depicted in Kapiolani Park. QUEEN KAPIOLANI reigned from 1874 until 1891, attended the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria. Sister to LILIOKALANI, overthrown in in 1893 by American business interests, she served as Queen Consort of Hawaii while married to KING KALAKAUA, until his death in San Francisco due to the consequences of a stroke suffered in Santa Barbara. KAPIOLANI'S famous love song, "Ka Ipo Lei Manu" was composed for her husband who died before she could perform it for him. HONOLULU, HAWAII 08/05/22
People gather to watch the sun set at Puu Ualakaa State Park. With a view from Diamond Head (Leahi) and beyond to Barbers Point (Kalealoa) in the west the site is a popular lookout for visitors and residents alike. HONOLULU, HAWAII 03/10/22
Spectators at Waimea Bay watch a set break across the bay. 30–40,000 fans were expected to view the tenth running of the EDDIE AIKAU Big Wave Invitational, perhaps the most prestigious big-wave surfing event in the world, run this year in surf that regularly closed out the bay with waves besting the fifty foot mark. HALEIWA, HAWAII 01/22/23
Viewing the Pacific from the Outrigger Reef Hotel. The Outrigger in Waikiki is facing substantial beach loss at its oceanfront hotel. In the 1980s this beach was deep enough to land ashore a thirty-foot catamaran operated by a business that offered coastal tours. No longer the case, today the ocean laps against the foundations of the hotel and its walkways as beach erosion accelerates and sea levels rise along Hawaii's coasts. HONOLULU, HAWAII 09/07/22
Guests at the Grand Naniloa Hotel on a sun-drenched day on the Hilo Bay. HILO, HAWAII 06/15/22
Tourists take in a view of the deepwater Pacific from the Makapuu Point lookout. WAIMANALO, HAWAII 09/18/18
Standing on the consolidated volcanic ash cliffs of Portlock Point (Kawaihoa) an intrepid scrambler looks to see if any of the old fishing ladders installed in the 1960s and 1970s still remain on this dangerous stretch of Oahu's coast—jutting into deep water, and site of many drownings. (They do not.) HONOLULU, HAWAII 09/30/18
Evening bathers enjoy the sunset in a hotel infinity pool at Waikiki. the Hawaiian tourism economy has become increasingly reliant on tourists from Asia who outspend their North American counterparts. HONOLULU, HAWAII 09/25/18
Dancing at sunset at Kuhio Beach. HONOLULU, HAWAII 03/11/22
Finally, and indisputably, answering the mysterious question of where all the zebra doves, often called "turtle doves" locally, in Honolulu come from, is this valise. No longer gripped by uncertainty valise we now know the answer to this enduring mystery. HONOLULU, HAWAII 02/02/22
A taxidermy sperm whale (palaoa) and giant trevally (ulua) swim through the main hall at the Bishop Museum. The Bishop Museum is the preeminent repository of academic collections of Polynesian and Hawaiian history and culture worldwide. A must-visit for all visitors to the archipelago, the Bishop is dear to the hearts of local residents, all of whom who were raised here fondly recall school field trips to the museum and planetarium. Founded in 1888 by CHARLES REED BISHOP to honor his late wife BERNICE PAUAHI BISHOP, the last descendent of the KAMEHAMEHA royal family. HONOLULU, HAWAII 07/09/12
A private garden in Palolo Valley, a district with a long history of Japanese settlement on the south shore of Oahu. It was in Palolo that many of the Nisei (second generation immigrant) soldiers of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team and the 100th Infantry Battalion settled after the war. Over fourteen acres were developed between Palolo and Ninth Avenues as "Veteran's Village" and a block, Carlos Long Street, was largely populated by 442nd vets. HONOLULU, HAWAII 05/14/20
Chinese lanterns and tiki torches are displayed among coconut palms and Indian banyan trees at the Royal Hawaiian Center in Waikiki defining a stereotypically "tropical" aesthetic at this shopping center catering to tourists visiting Waikiki. HONOLULU, HAWAII 08/13/22
1960s resort architecture often included charicatured Polynesian tropes such as these columns which have matured, at best, into kitsch. HILO, HAWAII 06/16/22
A preteen guest at the Grand Naniloa Hotel experiences the difficulties of vacationing with family in a tropical locale. Family trips such as these often serve as character-building excercises in paradise—where better to excavate a family dynamic? HILO, HAWAII 06/16/22