Jorge Santiago

Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Nationality: Mexican
Biography: Born in Guelatao de Juarez, Oaxaca Mexico, Jorge Santiago is a documentary photographer currently based in Pittsburgh, PA. His work has been exhibited in Mexico City, Los Angeles, Madrid, Havana and Bratislava. He has taught workshops in basic,... MORE
The philosophy of Mexicanness
jorge santiago
Jun 29, 2018

Emilio Uranga was one of a group of Mexican philosophers influenced by German and French existential phenomenology. Seeking to uncover a philosophy of Mexicanness, he suggested that Mexican melancholy and fascination with death was indicative of an ontological condition of groundlessness. "The Mexican is an ‘accidental’ being," he says, "but this is an essential feature of being human." This is his original text, with an introduction by Carlos Alberto Sánchez and Robert Eli Sanchez, Jr, accompanied by my photos from Oaxaca in the new Aeon Classic "The philosophy of Mexicanness."

     To be accidental is to be human: on the philosophy of Mexicanness – Carlos Alberto Sánchez & Robert Eli Sanchez, Jr | Aeon Classics
         What is meant by the philosophy of Mexicanness? An introduction to the ideas of Emilio Uranga
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Jorge Santiago


Jorge Santiago
The philosophy of Mexicanness by Jorge Santiago
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