Jin Ding

Program Manager @iwmf; founder @CNStorytellers; co-director @aaja
International Women'S Media Foundation &Amp; Co-Founder Of Chinese Storytellers
Apply Today: Working Together Workshop in DC
Location: Washington, DC
Nationality: Chinese
Biography: Jin Ding is a Program Manager at the International Women's Media Foundation.  She supervises grants and awards at IWMF.   She's a co-founder of Chinese Storytellers , a collective empowering Chinese non-fiction content creators.... read on
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Apply Today: Working Together Workshop in DC
jin ding
Oct 30, 2019
Location: washington dc
Slots are available for this Working Together Workshop in Washington, DC. IWMF is providing the workshop free to attend. Please apply today!

 IWMF offers a Working Together Workshop: A One-Day Workshop for Photojournalists On Sexual Harassment, Gender and Safety by Jin Ding via Visura
 Please sign up by October 31, 2019. This innovative one-day workshop aims to create an in-person dialogue among photographers about sexual harassment, gender, and its intersections as well as safety in the field. It includes discussions of...

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