Jeremy Hogan

Photographer and filmmaker. Seeking freelance work and commissions.
Local News in Bloomington, Indiana
Location: Indiana
Nationality: American
Biography: Jeremy Hogan was born and raised in California and began freelancing for newspapers while still in high school. He is a 1997 graduate of the photojournalism program at San Jose State University, and has a bachelor of Science Degree in Journalism.... read on
Public Story
Local News in Bloomington, Indiana
Credits: jeremy hogan
Date of Work: 01/29/19 - Ongoing
Updated: 11/23/19
These 20 images are from the online news site I started in January covering local news. The site is called The Bloomingtonian. In the past few years, as local newspapers have cut staff, and including photographers, local coverage has been diminished. The iPhone is not a replacement for experienced photojournalists. There is no army of citizen journalists covering most of what I cover, as a matter of fact, I’m often the only photographer on the scene. So, I set out to create an experimental visual journalism news outlet covering local news to fill the void left in the community I call home.  I cover breaking news, events, and topics of importance to the community, and apply my two decades of institutional knowledge to the task of doing so. I strive to make the highest quality images of journalistic value to my fellow citizens. These are some of the images I’ve made in the community since January 2019. I’m experimenting with various ways to monetize the site, and trying to make it sustainable.

I’ve been making photos since the late 1980s, and spent more than 20 years working for a small paper in Bloomington, Indiana, until it was bought by GateHouse this year. I am a 1997 graduate of San Jose State’s photojournalism sequence. I was lucky to have a staff job for as long as I did, but now I’m a freelancer. I work in both moving and still images.

By Jeremy Hogan —


Best work - June 2019

By Jeremy Hogan / Bloomington, Indiana — These are some of my best images from the month of June, which I published in --- I..

American Loathing

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Eden in Ashes

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Demoliton Derby

By Jeremy Hogan — Demolition Derby at the Monroe County Fair

White Lives Matter rally

By Jeremy Hogan — Images from White Lives Matter rallies in Tennessee, October 28, 2017 


By Jeremy Hogan — Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the deeply divided United States January 20, 2017 after one..

Farmworker Blues

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Antietam Battlefield

By Jeremy Hogan / Antietam Battlefield — I photographed the Antietam Civil War battle field and cemetery during a road trip on the way back from..
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