Jeremy Hogan

Photographer and filmmaker. Seeking freelance work and commissions.
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Location: Indiana
Nationality: American
Biography: Jeremy Hogan was born and raised in California and began freelancing for newspapers while still in high school. He is a 1997 graduate of the photojournalism program at San Jose State University, and has a bachelor of Science Degree in Journalism.... read on


10282017 - Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA: A man wrapped in a confederate flag leaves Public Square as the confederate statue recedes behind him in downtown Murfreesboro, Tennessee. White Nationalist groups gathered for a "White Lives Matter" rally in downtown Shelbyville, Tennessee earlier in the day, but canceled a second rally in Murfreesboro. The rally, and the counter rally in Shelbyville were the largest such gatherings since the deadly Charlottesville Unite the Right rally in August. A coalition of neo-Nazis and white nationalists including the Nationalist Socialist Movement, Traditional Workers Party, Vanguard America and Anti-Communist Action, and League of the South, were present. The White Nationalist and neo-Nazi groups gathered at Henry Horton State Park 45 minute from Murfreesboro, but dispersed when members of the media arrived. (Photo by Jeremy Hogan)