J. Genevieve

Waco Hip Hop Documentary
Location: Salado, TX
Nationality: Caucasian
Biography: At 17, a Midwest girl witnessed a moment unfolding between her father and grandfather, sensed its significance and instinctually reached for a camera. During the next 20+ years she honed that perspective, teaching herself her craft through nation... read on
Public Story
Waco Hip Hop Documentary
Credits: jessica mall
Date of Work: 02/22/20 - 02/22/20
Updated: 04/26/20
Location: Waco, Texas
Texas Journalist Lindsay Liepman created "Texas Voices", a spot on Waco News Channel 25, KXXV, to highlight musicians and creatives across the Central Texas area. Her intent? To give a louder voice to those artists and artisans and help share their stories in and effort to help to further their work. It was in doing these pieces that she unknowingly stumbled across the underground Waco Hip Hop Scene. She was so taken by the stories and nationwide lack of awareness of these multi-talented artists that she decided to create her first full length documentary to give these artists a long overdue platform.

The project was not without it's challenges. Most were skeptical and slow to trust her, assuming that there must be a catch. As she began to gain trust more and more stories came to the forefront and she was accepted further into the community. Meanwhile, footage was lost, naysayers sent nasty emails, but she and the community persisted together.

The documentary debuted on February 22, 2020 at the Waco Hippodrome and featured the stories of artists Hustler E, DJ Precyse, Pirscription, Grammy Award winning producer Symbolyc One and countless others. Vocal performances by Verbal Seed, DQ Hampton, Chyrie, Scratch Master T and Donna C, along with break dance performances from Battle Grounds Crew lit up the evening of the event. Local graffiti artist, Skcoobaveli created a brand new piece at the entrance of the theater and the evening was hosted by local comedian Terry Bluez. I covered the event and was floored by the energy. As individuals were seen and heard as they finally deserved, barriers were breaking and voices were rising. It was pure power and the ripple effect will long be felt throughout the Waco Community.

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