J. Genevieve

Texas, February 2021
Location: Salado, TX
Nationality: Caucasian
Biography: Meet Jess.  Or Genevieve.  Both/And, really, and then some...it's where the J.Genevieve comes into play.  J.Genevieve is an artist first, photographer second, raw and emerging human always. Her soul gaze has always been drawn... read on
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Texas, February 2021
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Updated 02/19/21
Location Salado, Texas
Personal Project Work, Salado, TX, February 2021

There are now 13 people housed on the 5 acre property where I live - 4 permanently, 5 temporarily while we recalibrate and rebuild, 2 seasonally and 2 situationally [due to no power and then some]. Miraculously, power has held here, only a few pipes have frozen, resources and living rooms have been shuffled and shared to assure all 13 are safe, warm and have needs met during one of the worst natural disasters Texas has ever seen. While we are stuck [literally it's not possible to get out of or into the driveway not to mention our road] and all dealing with our own respective shit shows, we know that we are all beyond lucky. I say this with a heavy heart, wishing it was the same reality for each of our friends and neighbors in our state, knowing full well that it is not.

It didn't occur to me until today to pick up my camera and document. Handling the immediate has taken obvious precedence. When I did, it was a a constant visual reminder of both the devastation and the beauty, the need and the ability, and a window of warning to our future if we do not face the reality of our past, but also one of hope of what we can build when we do. I didn't photograph long, honestly. I had to stop and tuck myself away. Tears of grief and gratitude over it all obscured my view. They were inevitable.

On all fronts, this is the world we've made, as seen in Texas, February 2021.


If you would like to help those in desperate need in Texas during this crisis, please research and consider the following mutual aid funds: @austinmutualaid, @feedthepeopledallas, @mutualaidhouston.


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