J. Genevieve

Artist/Intuitive Photographer
Spirit I
Location: Salado, Texas
Nationality: American
Biography: J.Genevieve is an artist first, photographer second, raw and emerging human-woman-and-then-some always. Her soul gaze has always been drawn to the heart and true nature of things, in particular the disruptive beauty of the real of it; life... MORE
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Spirit I
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Updated Apr 2023
Location Salado, Texas
Topics Abstract, Art, Arts, Belief, Black and White, Color, Fine Art, Fine Art Photography, Macro, Photography, Spiritual, Spirituality
The part of J.Genevieve's work that is centered in the spirit of abstraction and wild, ethereal sense usually strikes in the kitchen, on the living room floor or weaving in and out of every day rhythms of every day life. The moment where body and spirit meet - the real of it, the mundane - is where the magic is. It's the space we typically won't stay still or silent long enough in to see the wonder that's waiting for us there. In her spirit series, J.Genevieve brings these moments and visuals to the surface to explore, often pairing the words prompted by the feel of the moment.
The wick was too short and so she struck a match on the side of the full moon
Left it to burn on the wax.

Mesmerized by the dancing smoke
She didn't notice the heat until a burst of flame shattered the glass and she gasped because, HELLO
Potential fire hazard!

No, wait.

Actually an introduction

Alright, side note:
Spirits are in the light. The curious kind of light comes in slowly and figuratively. The kind you can't see unless you surrender to your untamed, ethereal sense and even then sometimes you can't see them unless you shatter the surface. Regardless, you need:
a wild mind
bare midriff
wandering/wondering heart
some form of friction
if they're going to come out to play. 

Anyway. Moving on...

This encounter made sense.

After all, she'd be asking to see
Calling in ancestors whose existence had been purposefully erased and exterminated knowing that their reclamation was her true nature but she was new to it and could not do it all on her own.

And so
As requested
Here they were
Right there with her in a shattered candle on her living room floor.


Images made from various perspectives of a shattered glass candle. Words prompted by the moment and the color. Best to feel your way through, February 2023, Salado, TX

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Spirit I by J. Genevieve
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