J. Genevieve

As Seen Through Barriers of a Pandemic
Location: Salado, TX
Nationality: Caucasian
Biography: At 17, a Midwest girl witnessed a moment unfolding between her father and grandfather, sensed its significance and instinctually reached for a camera. During the next 20+ years she honed that perspective, teaching herself her craft through nation... read on
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As Seen Through Barriers of a Pandemic
The thing I’ve come to learn about heroes is they do not like to be identified as such. They say things like “really, I’m just doing my job” or “you would do the same if you were in my shoes”, etc., etc., then expertly direct the conversation away from themselves and onto something or someone else. Their costumes are also not very obvious in real life because they are super stealthy and have disguised themselves to look like everyone else. But I found three of them.

These are 4th grade teachers from Salado ISD. Early on in this whole whirlwind of a global pandemic, they went above and beyond what they needed to to keep their students engaged and connected. My 4th grader is not fan of school. It squeezes his brain much like a shoe that’s too tight. But during their last Zoom call, they played mountains and valleys. He made sure everyone knew that his valley was missing school. For him to say that meant these women have made a lasting impact before, but especially in how they handled the now. I’m lucky to have been able to document them and am so, so grateful for their presence in my child’s life.

It was a strange thing to document these calls. The urge to give hugs after hearing each one’s stories of “it’s not real until it’s real...” and sit for hours over coffee [or Bloody Mary’s, good heavens] was strong. The inability to connect like that didn’t feel good one bit. But there were other things that surfaced. Such as the fact that I had to use my body to block the light so I could see through their windows. Or the nature blending with their forms in the reflections. It was a reminder that connection with each other and our world is still present and important just in a very, very different form. •

All the gratitude to these heroes hiding as teachers, nurses, doctors, first responders, janitors, etc. You are helping to lead us all through with courage and heart and that makes all the difference.

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