Women's March, October 2, 20201, Austin, TX

On a personal note: 20 years ago, my fiery spirit was marching in the other direction, fighting on another side. "How dare anyone advocate for a choice over a child! How selfish! Who will stand for those who can't stand for themselves?! Why can't people see this?" was my belief and motivation. I didn't understand the nuances. I made holier than thou judgements on lived experiences I'd never had. I hadn't looked below the surface of the delicate white pages which held "the only way". I hadn't ripped the veil off of the realities of white evangelical christian conditioning/programming just yet. I hadn't pulled internalized patriarchy from deep within my bones and I surely hadn't confronted how I was participating in my own control, repression and abuse as a woman ... and that of others.

I couldn't see it all for what it was.

It's with deep gratitude for the internal and external work of so many who have gone before me, that now ... I see.

2021 Women's March, ATX

J. Genevieve
Artist/Intuitive Photographer based in Austin, Texas
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2021 Women's March, ATX