Jennifer Kaczmarek

Art & Documentary Photographer
Location: Florida
Nationality: American
Biography: Jennifer Kaczmarek (b. 1973, Pensacola, FL) was raised in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale area. She received a Bachelors Degree in Architecture, Public, and Urban Affairs with a focus on Criminal Justice from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton,... read on
2019 Taking Focus Grant Winner - Rory Doyle
jennifer kaczmarek
Mar 11, 2019
We are very excited and proud to announce the winner of our first Taking Focus Grant. Please take a look and learn more about Rory's wonderful work about the Delta Hill Riders in Mississippi. Big thank you to our judge, Mike Davis and to our generous underwriters Charleen and Kenny Sacks.

"Rory Doyle's passion for telling the stories of the Delta Hill Riders is apparent both in his images and in what he intends as a giving back component - to enliven the history of these mythic cowboys by having them tell their stories present and past in the area schools. To connect elders and peers with a new generation in the Delta is admirable in itself. To do so in the service of preserving a little known slice of history is all the more important.
Rory takes us into settings through moment-driven images that are powerful and varied compositionally with a strong use to tonality to convey meaning beyond what is shown. As we pass from setting to setting there’s always a strong sense of place that freezes the nowness of the people in the pictures." - Mike Davis, Judge


 2019 Taking Focus Photo Grant Winner - Rory Doyle
Delta Hill Riders by Rory Doyle

By Jennifer Kaczmarek —

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