Jérémie Jung

Location: Paris, France
Nationality: French
Biography: Born in 1980, Jérémie Jung has a degree from the Faculté des Arts Plastiques de Strasbourg and also was trained as a photojournalist at l'EMI-CFD in Paris. He discovered Estonia in 2011. In 2013 he initiated a long-term... read on
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Setomaa published in GEO France
jérémie jung
Oct 15, 2019
My story Setomaa, a Kingdom on the Edge is printed through 10 pages in the GEO Collection (sept - nov 2019), a special issue of GEO in France about "these people who are challenging the 21st century"
Ces peuples qui défient le XXIe siècle dans le nouveau hors-série GEO Collection
Les Papous entre deux univers, la ferveur bouddhique au Ladakh, les jeunes filles dresseuses d’aigles en Mongolie, la voix berbère du Maroc à l’Egypte, le petit royaume de...


By Jérémie Jung —

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Walls of Power – digitally reloaded

By Jérémie Jung — The question of man-made borders barriers across Europe is more timely during the Covid-lockdown than ever, the exhibition "Walls Of..

The Kihnu "Red Skirts" in Transit Magazine

By Jérémie Jung — The Japanese TRANSIT Magazine dedicates 10 pages to my work about the island Kihnu in Estonia through a portfolio in its spring issue about the..
Media News

The Dagestanese Tightropewalkers in Internazionale Kids

By Jérémie Jung — Through 8 pages a portfolio of the story about the Dagestanese tightropewalkers (Russia) is published in the 2020 April issue of the Italian..

Pāri Mūriem in the French magazine De L'Air

By Jérémie Jung — Through five pages, the French magazine De L'Air published my  project Pāri Mūriem (under the title "De la Taule et un..
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Kihnu in the Washington Post

By Jérémie Jung — My work "Kihnu, the isle off the time" is published online in the Washington Post. Perspective | Life, death and preserving tradition on..
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Pāri Mūriem shortlisted at the Unseen Dummy Award

By Jérémie Jung — Pāri mūriem are the Latvian words for Over the walls. This series is a glimpse into the everyday life of ten young men incarcerated in the..

Au Large du Temps

By Jérémie Jung — My book "Au Large Du Temps" published by Imogene editions released. The book is about my work lead between 2013 and 2017 in Kihnu island..
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