Jérémie Jung

Location: Paris, France
Nationality: French
Biography: Jérémie Jung is a French photographer with an interest in the Baltic region and its cultural identities. His work has been published in national and international press such as National Geographic, Geo and The Washington Post and... read on
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Pāri Mūriem shortlisted at the Unseen Dummy Award
jérémie jung
Sep 9, 2019
Location: Cesis, Latvia

Pāri mūriem are the Latvian words for Over the walls. This series is a glimpse into the everyday life of ten young men incarcerated in the juvenile detention centre of Latvia. Behind walls, they let us feel through their own eyes what it is like to wait for a sentence to expire. Together, we are switching from their claustrophobic boredom to their wish for freedom, sneaking in and out the prison walls. However, this virtual escape attempt could not be left unnoticed to the prison system... 

I am very happy to have my dummy book Pāri Mūriem of this project shortlisted at the Unseen Dummy Award 2019 !

Come and see Pāri Mūriem at the Unseen photo festival in Amsterdam between the 20th and the the 22nd of September 2019.

The dummy book is designed under the artistic direction of Narrative Studio and Jean Larive
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