juan david cortes

Torremolinos no existe / Torremolinos doesn´t exist
Location: Mallorca
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: Coming soon...
Public Story
Torremolinos no existe / Torremolinos doesn´t exist
Copyright juan david cortes 2021
Date of Work 10/09/21 - Ongoing
Updated 10/28/21

One of my first memories of Torremolinos is handing out to the tourists dining at the Principe Sol Hotel terrace a brochure explaining in four different languages where to buy the photo my dad had just took of them.

This work is, in broad strokes, about Torremolinos, photography, relationship with places, account and memory.

On the one hand, in this work I want to talk about photography as a tool for the chronicler. I think that in any time and place we see what we need to see, what resonates with who we are in each occasion and that, in consequence, is that what we encounter along the way. That´s why I think that the only possible account photography allows us to build is about the relationship we establish with what we are photographing.

My father was a photographer, he lived and worked in Torremolinos for more than 40 years. I´m also a photographer, I lived in Torremolinos until I was five and barely have memories from that time. Since then, my relationship with the town has been permanently intermittent; summer and Easter holidays. Maybe that´s why I don´t know yet if I belong to the place or I´m just a regular visitor. At this point another possible use of photography comes into play, the one of being a topographic tool that can be used not only to draw a map but also to place ourselves in it.

This is an ongoing project.


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