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Location: Mallorca
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: Coming soon...
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Date of Work Oct 2012 - Jan 2014
Updated May 2020
Marinaleda is a small village from the Andalusian Sierra, they have the longest-standing mayor in Spain and a communist shaped government. Back in the 80´s it was, most certainly, the country's most combative village for the land workers rights and in the 90´s it was consider, mostly outside Spain, the living example of the communist utopia: full employment, equitable salaries and social services light years away from the rest of the country.
2008 crisis hit them too, conditions are not bad, but they are not idylic any longer and the mayor is not perfect for everyone's eyes yet. A great part of the generation that led the protests has already tired legs, and the village is getting more and more similar to any small village in Andalusian Sierra, but there are still some embers that lit every time they feel the revolutionary wind.

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