juan david cortes

Location: Mallorca
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: Coming soon...
Public Story

All summers of my life until I was 16 are linked to photography and sun and beach hotels; my father was a photographer in Costa del Sol and, as he had a camera and develop store in one of those hotels, I spent half of all my summers among swimming-pools, cafeterias, saloons, mini-discos and foreigners that were a bit less that aliens to me. A place full of opportunities.

27 years after those summers and two months after my father´s death I found myself drifting around hotels like that one, this time as a photographer.

Hotels that are indifferent to time and space, once inside you can´t tell if you are in Costa Rica or Costa del Sol, cell phones are the only sign that we are no in the 80-90´s and people and attitudes seem to repeat, as almost identical versions of the same play.


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