Julian Busch

An Afghan Exodus
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Nationality: German
Biography: Julian Busch is a photojournalist with a focus on assignments and long-term projects. He studied history and Islamic studies at the University of Hamburg and Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the University of Applied Sience in... MORE
Public Story
An Afghan Exodus
Copyright Julian Busch 2022
Updated May 2022
Every day, around two thousand Afghans cross the border to Iran in Sarandj, Nimruz province. It is the main smuggling point for people, who don‘t have passports or cannot afford Visas for neighbouring countries.
Many of them hope to find work or continue their journey to Turkey and further. In order to cross, people take high risks, rides on full-packed jeeps through the Pakistani desert and hide for hours in so called safe houses at night, before smugglers give the green light to sneak into Iran under the cover of the night. However, according to UNHCR estimates, almost 70% are deported back by the Iranian authorities.
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