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Domestic workers (Spain)
Location: Madrid, Spain
Nationality: Polish
Biography: Documentary photographer and freelance photojournalist Hanna Jarzabek (1976, Poland). She finished a Master degree in Political Science and worked on refugee reports for UN agencies such as UNRWA and UNCTA. She developed her passion for... MORE

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Public Story
Domestic workers (Spain)
Copyright Hanna Jarzabek 2023
Date of Work Nov 2020 - Jul 2021
Updated Jul 2021
Topics Discrimination, Documentary, Human Rights, Immigration, Journalism, Personal Projects, Photography, Photojournalism, Podcast, Portraiture, Reportage, Social Justice, Womens Rights, Workers Rights
During the pandemic, domestic workers became more indispensable than ever. It was them who ensured the proper functioning of many families and took care of elders and children, often exposing themselves to the daily risk of contagion. Yet, these workers are often invisible, relegated to private spaces where the work they carry out is not always perceived at its fair value.

In their own words: “without us the world won't move”. Still, recognition for their work is lacking. In Spain, even those who work legally in this sector do not enjoy unemployment benefits, can be fired at any time and many suffer abusive schedules without holiday rights. Workers without legal papers risk even more severe exploitation.  

This pandemic focused our gaze on the importance of these caregivers, giving them a central role in the debate about how we should best organize our society in the future. What better time to make them visible with all the dignity they deserve?
"Who takes care of the caregiver?" is a motto they use in their fight for recognition and the objective of my work is to offer them a space to voice their testimonies and bring us closer to their reality and experiences. I aim at promoting reflection on the importance they have in our daily lives and on the changes that are necessary in this sector.

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Domestic workers (Spain) by Hanna Jarzabek
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