Hanna Jarzabek

Photography & Multimedia Storyteller
Location: Madrid /Spain
Nationality: Polish
Biography: Hanna Jarzabek (1976, Poland). She finished a Master degree in Political Science and worked on refugee reports for UN agencies such as UNRWA and UNCTA. She developed her passion for photography while travelling (the Gaza Strip, Iran,... read on
The Autumn Flowers - selected by Signo Editores
hanna jarzabek
Apr 4, 2019
Signo Editores (Spain) selects my project "The Autumn Flowers" and gives it support through the Crisálida Program, I'm really happy!

From the project:

We people over 60 went through the lack of freedom and the lack of education in an open and relaxed atmosphere. Now we find ourselves in a situation in which the “closet” can open its door again. I have a wife, but if one day I must go to a retirement home, would I have the freedom to express my emotional life there?"
Paulina (lesbian and married)

Web page of the project: ​https://autumnflowers.visura.co/​​​
 Flores de Otoño de Hanna Jarzabek | Signo editores Crisálida
(Proyecto seleccionado el abril de 2019) La sexualidad de los ancianos es un tema tabú y su heterosexualidad se da por descontada: un anciano homosexual no existe. Llegando a la vejez, las personas LGTB desaparecen del imaginario colectivo y se...

By Hanna Jarzabek —


"The Autumn Flowers" at PhotoAlicante 2020 Festival

By Hanna Jarzabek — "The Autumn Flowers" is a project about sexual gender diversity among elders.  FLORES DE..

Catalan TV speaks about my project "OFF THE MAP" - Transnistria

By Hanna Jarzabek — How do you live in a place that does not exist on any map of the world? What is the influence of unilateral..
Events News

OFF THE MAP - new exhibition

By Hanna Jarzabek — OFF THE MAP exhibition goes to Barcelona!  FUERA DEL MAPA – Transnístria de Hanna Jarzabek..

My series about Transnistria in "El Pais" (6/6)

By Hanna Jarzabek — ‘Transnistria’ (6/6) ‘Transnistria’ (6/6).

My series about Transnistria in "El Pais" (5/6)

By Hanna Jarzabek — ‘Transnistria’ (5/6) ‘Transnistria’ (5/6).

My series about Transnistria in "El Pais" (4/6)

By Hanna Jarzabek — ‘Transnistria’ (4/6) ‘Transnistria’ (4/6).

My series about Transnistria in "El Pais" (3/6)

By Hanna Jarzabek — ‘Transnistria’ (3/6) ‘Transnistria’ (3/6).

My series about Transnistria in "El Pais" (2/6)

By Hanna Jarzabek — The second picture from my series about Transnsitria published in "El Pais"..
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My series about Transnistria in "El Pais" (1/6)

By Hanna Jarzabek — Today "El Pais" begins the series on Transnistria. Until Saturday one photo from my last project..
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Speaking about my last project "Off the map" in Spanish TVE

By Hanna Jarzabek —         La hora cultural - 08/10/19 - RTVE.es           La..

"Off the map" exhibition portrayed by Spanish TV 5

By Hanna Jarzabek
Events News

OFF THE MAP - exhibition

By Hanna Jarzabek — OFF THE MAP - exhibition at the International School of Photography and Cinema (EFTI) Madrid. How do you..
News Spotlight

Interview in DOFoto magazine

By Hanna Jarzabek — I just cannot stand when people are discriminated - interview with Hanna Jarzabek by Matúš..
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My project "Black Future" at the Batumi PhotoDays Festival (Georgia)

By Hanna Jarzabek — Very happy to be selected for the Batumi Photodays (Georgia) main exhibition Mirror Land!  Black Future..

TVE Catalonia speaks about "The Autumn Flowers" exhibition

By Hanna Jarzabek — Min. 13:46          L'Informatiu Cap de Setmana 29/06/2019 - RTVE.es..

EuropaPress about "The Autumn Flowers" exhibition.

By Hanna Jarzabek — EuropaPress publishes an article about my last exhibition "The Autumn Flowers" - documentary..

"The Autumn Flowers" published by ARA

By Hanna Jarzabek — The Catalan newspaper ARA publishes my photoreprtage about the homosexual elders:     Avis..

"The Autumn Flowers" projection in Cerlà (Girona/Spain)

By Hanna Jarzabek — This afternoon in Cerlà (Girona/Spain) I'll have a pleasure to present my documentary about..
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Tránsito - gender transition in adulthood.

By Hanna Jarzabek — This friday (21.06) I'll have a pleasure to present my project "Transito" about gender..

Exhibition "The Autumn Flowers" in Santa Coloma

By Hanna Jarzabek — Next week starts the exhibition "The Autumn Flowers" in Santa Coloma / Barcelona (Spain). Here you..

My portrait of Sergei in the final of the Grand Press Photo 2019

By Hanna Jarzabek — Really happy to be in the final of Grand Press Photo - the most important Documentary Photography..

Lesbians & much more on the streets in Valencia

By Hanna Jarzabek — I always wanted to expose my photographs on the street, and here it goes! Thanks to PhotOn Festival of..

Interview about "The Autumn Flowers"

By Hanna Jarzabek — My interview in Reenfoca2 radio about the exhibition "The Autumn Flowers" (in Spanish) ..

Periódico "El Mundo" sobre mi exposición "Flores de otoño"

By Hanna Jarzabek — El periódico "El Mundo" publica hoy una noticia sobre mi exposición "Flores de..
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