Christopher Janaro

Visual Journalist
One Theater's 36 Year Production of Cinderella (and it's evil step-sisters)
Location: Raleigh
Nationality: United States
Biography: Growing up in rural Central New York, Chris promptly moved to NYC right out of high school and later earned his BFA in Photography from SUNY Purchase.  After doing a 4-year stint enlisted in the US Navy, he attended The School of Visual Arts... read on
Public Story
One Theater's 36 Year Production of Cinderella (and it's evil step-sisters)
Credits: christopher janaro
Date of Work: 12/05/19 - 12/05/19
Updated: 12/16/19
Location: Raleigh
Last Thursday had me documenting backstage at Raleigh Little Theater for their annual production of Cinderella. Now in its 36th year, the pantomime style performance has become a holiday tradition in the Wake County, NC area. An equal part of that tradition has come to include two of the actors, M. Dennis Poole & Dr. Timothy Cherry who have taken the roles of the evil step-sisters Gertrude & Henrietta in drag for over 21 years of the production. I was admittedly a bit nervous going into this one because it was my first assignment from United Arts Council since my wrist surgery and I still had a large splint on. I really wanted to do a good job and maybe prove to myself that it wasn’t going to prevent me from getting the images I was normally after. While backstage I got to witness the extensive costume preparations and makeup involved for the 4 step-sister actors (including actors Quentin Hocutt & Greg Hill) Watching all four seamlessly get into character before and during a portrait session we did seemed second nature to them as they traded verbal barbs and jabs based on their characters high self-worth and vanity. After a couple of minutes, it quickly became apparent why the characters/actors are such a draw every year. They’re naturally hilarious with each other and after our session, I walked away feeling uplifted and confident in my capabilities to continue working on the mend and doing what I love.

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