Christopher Janaro

Visual Journalist
Bike Days
Location: Raleigh
Nationality: United States
Biography: Growing up in rural Central New York, Chris promptly moved to NYC right out of high school and later earned his BFA in Photography from SUNY Purchase.  After doing a 4-year stint enlisted in the US Navy, he attended The School of Visual Arts... read on
Public Story
Bike Days
Credits: christopher janaro
Date of Work: 12/31/17 - 08/15/19
Updated: 12/30/19
Location: New York city
“Bike Days" is an immersive project focused on my time spent as a NYC bicycle courier and part-time bike shop employee from 2017-2019. It was created during a turbulent time of my life in the wake of my father's death during my thesis year of grad school and the years after. Somehow I fell into cycling and in many ways, it had managed to get me through my grief in ways nothing else could. Riding in NYC was more thrilling than anything I have ever experienced in my life thus far and in an effort to document the experience and individuals I met along the way, I began assembling this project. The work was originally made casually, often shot on film and concludes with images from the largest and possibly longest-running alleycat street race; "Monstertrack".  The race brings messengers in from all over the world who are tasked with getting a manifest initialed at various checkpoints spread out across the city.  Beakless track bikes aka *fixies* bikes and a helmet are the only requirements.  2019, in particular, has been rough on the NYC cyclist community with a death count presently sitting at 27 as of writing this.  After two messenger colleagues were killed in truck accidents working in the city this summer, I decided to retire completely from bike work and accepted a photo residency in Raleigh, NC and began putting this project together as a means of reflection. The current situation in the city still has no clear solution and given the continuing increase in cyclists per year, one can only assume the worst for future statistics. When I sit with these images, I do crave justice for cycling deaths that often go unprosecuted and for better laws protecting cyclists in general. I have to ask myself though if perhaps I'm also being proud (given the lifestyle) and what solution can I provide? These are hard questions.

By Christopher Janaro —


Symphony couple provide weekly performances for their neighbors... at the foot of their driveway.

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ReOpenNC Protests at Raleigh

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Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Endorsement Rally, Queens NY

By Christopher Janaro / Queensbridge park — October, 19, 2019, Queensbridge Park, Queens NY

The Coronavirus Hunter Is Racing for Answers in a Locked-Down Lab

By Christopher Janaro / UNC — A few outtakes from my @bloombergbusiness photo assignment that came out yesterday. The story was focused on..

NC Symphony Orchestra performs at Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral

By Christopher Janaro / Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral — Last Friday for  @unitedartscouncil had me photographing the  @ncsymphony once again, this time..


By Christopher Janaro — During the final year of my U.S. Naval enlistment in 2015, I went on my first and only deployment aboard the..

One Theater's 36 Year Production of Cinderella (and it's evil step-sisters)

By Christopher Janaro / Raleigh — Last Thursday had me documenting backstage at Raleigh Little Theater for their annual production of..

State of Resistance

By Christopher Janaro / United States — Images documenting the growing intersectional protest movement during the course of, and after the 2016 U.S...


By Christopher Janaro / New York city — Images created in NYC from 2015 to Present.

Coming Home

By Christopher Janaro / Cazenovia — “Coming Home” is a personal project primarily focused on my family and surrounding environment..
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