Stephan Jahanshahi

Field of Play
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Nationality: Iranian-American
Biography: Stephan Jahanshahi is an Iranian American photographer based in Los Angeles. A graduate of the SVA MFA Photo program in 2015, his work explores how community, environment and narrative shape experience and identity.
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Field of Play
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Updated Jul 2022
Topics Art, Community, Documentary, Essays, Feminism, Fine Art, Journalism, Personal Projects, Perspectives, Photography, Photojournalism, Portrait, Portraiture, Sports, Teens
Portraits of athletes competing in amateur rugby competitions throughout North America.
I often joke that playing rugby in North America is like climbing a mountain no one has heard of.  While this is slowly changing with the advent of professional rugby on the continent and the greater visibility that accompanied the inclusion of 7’s in the Olympics, the amateur game remains obscure to most of the public and the women's leagues have sadly not seen the same level of support many of their male counterparts are enjoying.  Focusing on the club rugby communities in New York City and Seattle, this body of work is centered on what is still the driving force behind rugby in North America; the players.  

-Stephan Jahanshahi, 2021  
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