Stephan Jahanshahi

Photographer / Based in Los Angeles, CA

Stephan Jahanshahi is an Iranian American photographer based in Los Angeles. A graduate of the SVA MFA Photo program in 2015, his work explores how community, environment and narrative shape experience and identity.
Focus: Photographer, Photojournalist, Curator, Travel, Sports, Still Life, Fine Art, Photo Assistant, Documentary, Photo Editor, Photography, Portraiture, Stock, Art, Culture, Freelance, Commercial, Visual Communications , International, Short Films, Photoshop Artist, Photo Shoots, Storyteller, Visual Artist, Climate, Assistant, Sports Journalism, Digital Journalism, Special Projects, International Stories, Community, National Park stories, Still Photographer, Studio Photographer, Visual Producer, Digital Media, Content Creation, Digital Media Production, Landscape, Sports/Action, Portrait Photography, Active, Interiors, Nature, Creator, Visual Journalist, Visual Storyteller